Big Me Kickoff

Time To Reverse Bush League Punishments

Reggie Bush has his Heisman back and it is time for the NCAA to follow suit with some of its lesser moments of handing out punishments.

While the Heisman Trophy is not controlled by the NCAA but rather the Heisman Trust, it gives a barometer of where things stand in the world of college football, a landscape with NIL and the free exchange of dollars.

Let’s go back to the 2010 Ohio State Buckeyes and the infamous Tat Five scandal. Five players were punished for the ghastly deed of trading trinkets and merchandise (their own property, not someone else’s, not the school’s) for tattoos or other forms of payment.

It cost five players their reputations and records and a legendary coach his job.

We cannot go back in time and change what was done, but we can make the record right and fix that.

All of that and a quick look ahead to the 2025 NFL Draft in this edition of the Big Me Kickoff.

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