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Drafting Four All-Time Ohio State Receivers To Face Five All-Time Ohio State Defensive Backs

The 2024 NFL Draft is Thursday night, so in honor of one of America’s great sports holidays, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast go head to head by drafting five all-time Ohio State defensive backs and four all-time Ohio State wide receivers, and then go back and forth as to who has gotten the better of each selection and who would have the advantage in each matchup.

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The Rundown

  • NFL draft, Ohio State players, and Tom’s denial of Tony’s favorite player. 0:01
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr are drafting Ohio State receivers and defensive backs for a mock draft.
    • Tom wants to open the draft without any show prep, while Tony wants to strategize.
    • Tom Orr: Marvin Harrison Jr., the best all-around wide receiver at Ohio State. Tony Gerdeman: hard for Marv to get open with Shawn Springs on the field.
    • Tom selects Cris Carter, who he believes would pair well with Marvin Harrison Jr.
    • Tony expresses frustration with reading agent-provided information and falling for draft day bluster.
    • Tony picks Garrett Wilson as top wide receiver, citing his speed and quickness.
    • Tony praises Malcolm Jenkins as a physical cornerback, plans to use him against speedy receivers.
    • Tom Orr: Trapped Tony with no corners, now he’s holding off on strong safety pick.
    • Tony Gerdeman: Concerned about Mike Doss’s ability to cover modern game receivers, wants David Boston as a receiver pick.
    • Tom Orr considers Ted Ginn over Santonio Holmes for WR spot due to speed.
    • Tony picks Santonio Holmes, citing his versatility and underrated status.
    • Tom selects Jeff Okudah, citing his solid play in college.
    • Orr also considers Paris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, Joey Galloway as potential receivers for a modern Ohio State team.
    • Tony highlights Donte Whitner as a strong safety pick due to his ability to blow up screens.
    • Tom agrees with Tony’s picks, particularly in the secondary, where he believes Tony has a strong advantage.
    • Tom and Tony discuss their draft picks, with Orr highlighting Marshon Lattimore and Gerdeman preferring Antoine Winfield.
    • Tony highlights Will Allen as an underappreciated player who made game-sealing plays for Ohio State in 2002 and 2003.
    • Tony and Tom discuss the inaccuracies of TV shows depicting medical and legal professionals.

Full Draft Results

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