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Podcast: Ramifications Of Losing Ja’Had Carter To The Transfer Portal

With just days before the transfer portal closes, the Buckeyes are losing a veteran safety as senior Ja’Had Carter is entering the transfer portal.

In this emergency edition of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss what this loss means for the Buckeyes and why it may have come about. They talk about Carter’s past performances and what the Ohio State defense will now do without him.


  • Ohio State Buckeyes football player Ja’Had Carter entering transfer portal. 0:00
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the transfer of a third Buckeye player, Ja’Had Carter, from Ohio State to the transfer portal.
    • Carter, a safety, started for Syracuse but suffered injuries during much of his time at Ohio State.
    • Carter’s playing time was limited due to injuries and competition from younger players.
    • Ohio State’s safety production has improved since Carter’s arrival, making it difficult for him to crack the lineup.
    • Gerdeman: Ohio State having experienced safeties injured in the spring was a blessing in disguise, as it provided opportunities for redshirt freshman Jayden Bonsu to develop.
    • Orr: With the transfer portal additions and returning players, Ohio State has a higher ceiling and more upside in their secondary than they did last year.
  • Ohio State football’s secondary improvement. 7:56
    • Ohio State’s secondary in 2023 had more talent than in previous years.
    • Tom highlights improved talent in Ohio State’s secondary, citing better recruiting and player development under Jim Knowles.
    • Injuries hindered Carter’s progress in the secondary, despite his potential to play at the power five level.
  • Ohio State football team’s potential and recent transfer portal activity. 12:02
    • Tony highlights the lack of NFL draft picks from Ohio State’s 2021 defense.

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