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What Will The Kickoff Times Be For Every Ohio State Game In 2024?

A handful of kickoff times for the Ohio State Buckeyes are expected to be released over the next month. Rather than wait for those crumbs to be tossed to you on the ground, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman from the Buckeye Weekly Podcast attempt to reason out and predict the kickoff times and networks for every Buckeye football game this year.

This isn’t an exact science, but that didn’t stop the fellas from wearing lab coats.

The Rundown

  • Ohio State football game kickoff times and TV networks, with predictions based on available information. 0:01
    • Tony and Tom discuss starting a rap beef with Kevin, using AI to write insults, and creating an album cover with HOA violations circled.
    • Tony and Tom predict Ohio State game kickoff times and networks based on available information.
    • They caution against booking hotels or road trips based on their predictions, as they are only slightly informed or educated guesses.
    • Matt Sarz has projected Ohio State’s first two games on CBS, including Akron at 3:30pm and Western Michigan at 12pm.
  • College football game scheduling and network picks. 10:26
    • Tony predicts Ohio State could host a night game against Marshall, potentially as a big noon kickoff on FOX.
    • Tom believes Baylor could be an interesting option for a big noon game, despite Colorado’s likely poor performance this season.
  • College football games, including Ohio State vs. Iowa and Michigan vs. Washington. 17:33
    • Ohio State vs. Iowa is a potential big noon game.
    • Tom thinks CBS has the next pick after Fox’s first three games.
  • College football game picks for week 9, including Ohio State vs. Nebraska and Michigan State vs. Michigan. 21:21
    • They speculate on which games might be selected for the big noon kickoff and 3:30/7:30 PM time slots, with possibilities including Ohio State-Nebraska and Michigan State-Michigan.
    • Tom: Ohio State doesn’t want to play two night games in a row.
    • Tony: Penn State-Wisconsin could be a fun night game.
    • Tom predicts Ohio State-Penn State game will be primetime on NBC, with promos aplenty.
    • The speakers agree that the schedule for Week 11 is not particularly glamorous.
  • TV broadcast scheduling for Big Ten football games. 30:27
    • They agree that Purdue at Ohio State is not a strong matchup, and Washington at Penn State is likely to be a possible noon game.
    • Ohio State may play a night game against Wisconsin or Nebraska on NBC, according to Tony Gerdeman.
    • The hosts agree that CBS is unlikely to only have two Ohio State games, and that swapping out one game could impact the rest of the schedule.
    • Tom explains why big-time college football games are chosen for TV, including the importance of the home team’s TV contract and the potential for a rare Alabama game on TV.
    • Orr provides examples of the level of detail that goes into scheduling games, including acronyms, time slots, and the impact of other events like the World Series and Pittsburgh Pirates games.

The Final Schedule Prediction (not legally binding)

Sat. Aug 31 – Akron at Ohio State – 3:30 pm CBS
Sat. Sept 7 – Western Michigan at Ohio State – 12:00 pm BTN
Sat. Sept 21 – Marshall at Ohio State – 7:30 pm NBC
Sat. Sept 28 – Ohio State at Michigan State – 12:00 pm FOX
Sat. Oct 5 – Iowa at Ohio State – 12:00 pm FOX
Sat. Oct 12 – Ohio State at Oregon – 3:30 pm CBS
Sat. Oct 26 – Nebraska at Ohio State – 3:30 pm CBS
Sat. Nov 2 – Ohio State at Penn State – 7:30 pm NBC
Sat. Nov 9 – Purdue at Ohio State – 12:00 pm BTN
Sat. Nov 16 – Ohio State at Northwestern – 12:00 pm FOX
Sat. Nov 23 – Indiana at Ohio State – 3:30 pm FS1
Sat. Nov 30 – Michigan at Ohio State – 12:00 pm FOX

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