EA Sports College Football 2025 Trailer Release: Live Reaction

EA Sports has finally unveiled the first official trailer for their new college football game. EA Sports’ College Football 25 will drop July 19 of this year.

In this live episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tom Orr and Tony Gerdeman give their instant reactions from what they saw, their plans for the game, and much more. They also answer plenty of viewer questions along the way.

First, here’s the trailer.

And here’s the reaction.


  • EA Sports college football game release with early access options. 0:01
    • Tony and Tom excitedly discuss EA Sports college football game release date and early access options.
    • The game’s cutscenes are impressive and beyond what has been seen in college football games, with names on the back of jerseys.
    • Tony expresses disappointment at lack of actual gameplay in the trailer, but Tom is more optimistic about its wow factor and potential to get fans excited.
    • Tom highlights Penn State shot in the trailer, which looks exactly like being at Penn State during a white out, and notes that cutscene animation is often better than in-game animation.
  • Sports video games, including mini games and realistic elements. 6:48
    • Tom and Tony discuss the lack of mini games in sports video games, particularly a knockerball game.
    • They suggest ideas for mini games, such as a frisbee dog game or Red Panda.
    • Tony and Tom analyze the trailer featuring OSU athletes, criticizing its realism and praising the angles and attention to detail.
  • College football teams, players, and dynasty leagues. 14:08
    • Tom and Tony discuss their favorite teams in college football, with Tom supporting Navy and Tony preferring North Texas.
    • The speakers share their thoughts on the beauty of the Utah State area and the unique culture of Coastal Carolina.
    • Tom and Tony discuss the possibility of creating a members-only league for college football video games.
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss modding PlayStation One games to play burned copies.
    • They mention various places to buy blank discs, including Circuit City and RadioShack.
    • Orr suggests the possibility of an online dynasty mode, potentially featuring every member taking a school and playing an online league.
  • Improving college football video game realism with sliders for drama and realism, NFL player transfers, and recruiting complexity. 30:23
    • Analysts seek details on college football game’s realism and mechanics.
    • Speakers discuss the complexity of Madden NFL franchise mode, including microtransactions and recruiting.
    • Tom Orr suggests using high school recruits in fantasy football leagues, but Tony Gerdeman advises against it due to EA’s safeguards.
    • Tony and Tom discuss the potential return of the “create-a-school option”, allowing players to create their own college football team and recruit players from around the country.
    • The hosts also discuss the possibility of ultimate team coming to the college game, allowing players to assemble a team of former greats.
    • Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the potential for downloadable content (DLC), including the possibility of adding former players like Braxton Miller to the game.
    • Tony Gerdeman shares a childhood regret of not speaking up when someone took his Christmas craft project, a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer construction paper cutout.
    • Tony Gerdeman reflects on childhood gaming regrets, including difficulty saving games on 27-inch TVs.

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