Big Me Kickoff

Big Bucks top the TV airwaves and the polls

In this edition of the Big Me Kickoff we are talking about the recently released AP Poll and should anything really be read into that at this point or if it is just more noise to start the season?

Who has the Buckeyes ranked too low and does that really matter? One thing that was not low was the dollar figure that the Big Ten’s television partners came to the table with as the B1G just signed a historic deal.

While we don’t know every single detail about it, we do know that FOX, NBC and CBS will all be very much in the Big Ten business starting in 2023. And what kind of changes could be in the world of college athletics, at least in the Big Ten.

With comments from both commissioner Kevin Warren and Ohio State AD Gene Smith, what could be different in the near term? All of that and more.

What are your thoughts about all of these topics? Are college sports changing for the better or the worse? Does your view of the Big Ten change with the Big Payday that is coming starting in 2023? Join the conversation over on The Huddle to make your voice heard.

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