Assessing key recruiting battles in the aftermath of The Game

Ohio State didn’t get the revenge it wanted on Saturday as it fell to rival Michigan for the second consecutive season. But the Buckeyes still hosted a loaded group of visitors, including some very key targets in the 2023 recruiting class.

What is the buzz coming out of these visits? Did the result of The Game carry over onto the recruiting component of the weekend?

We talk about several of the big names of the weekend including Caleb Downs, Joshua Mickens, a 2023 quarterback you need to know and so much more.

I’ll get it out of the way right now so I don’t have to repeat it in every single segment below. Yes, it would have been better for Ohio State if The Game played out differently, but it’s not going to cripple them with these recruits. In many cases we are talking about 1-3 years of relationship building and that generally doesn’t get thrown out the window by a single poor performance, even if it was a poor performance on a huge stage like this rivalry presents.

So with that out of the way…Here is the important stuff I’ve gathered over the past 48 hours and we’ll continue to provide updates as things evolve.

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We have the latest on some key recruiting situations for Ohio State in the latest edition of the Skull Session.

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