Big Me Kickoff

How Does SP+ View The 2023 Big Ten?

In this edition of the Big Me Kickoff, we are taking a look at the latest SP+ rankings that came out from ESPN’s Bill Connelly.

As expected, Ohio State and Michigan are in the top cut of teams but where does Penn State join the party? And a pair of Big Ten West teams find themselves in the mix as well at the bottom end of the top-25, but still ranked.

We also talk a little bit about Ohio State’s men’s basketball woes as the 2022-23 season continues to drag on and the Buckeyes just can’t break out of the losing rut.

Will the next six game be any different than the last six games?

And Super Bowl ratings are in, and the numbers are huge. While the Buckeyes are a major draw in the college football world, the NFL numbers are next level, and we will give you some perspective as to how wide the margin in.

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