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What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder — Under Armour Next Camp Edition

I know that I was impressed by all of the Ohio State commits after talking to them. It’s easy to see why Ryan Day and his staff thought these guys fit the culture. They are all energy givers rather than energy takers. And they all want to continue to get better and happily put in the work to make it happen.

I think it is way too early to know if the Buckeyes have a left tackle in either Deonte Armstrong or Devontae Armstrong. It wouldn’t surprise me if they end up being bookends, though I probably wouldn’t bet on it yet. From what I’ve been told by those in the Northeast, folks would be surprised if they weren’t both successful at Ohio State.

I wonder who would’ve played left tackle if Orlando Pace had a twin brother. Can you imagine Orlando Pace at left tackle and Roger Pace at left guard? Would you ever lose on a short-yardage play? Bobby Hoying could have told Kevin Hardy and Simeon Rice, “Hey, we’re going over Orlando and Roger. Get ready.” Even thinking about this has me putting Roger Pace in my Top 5 all-time Ohio State guards. And that includes basketball.

I know Ryan Montgomery was impressive as well. I thought he showed a stronger arm this time than when I saw him last June at OSU’s 7-on-7 tournament. He is also getting noticeably bigger. I plan on catching at least one of his games this year.

I think I have to re-evaluate my thoughts on Mylan Graham because I had previously only viewed him as a Z, but after talking to him and hearing his thoughts on playing in the slot, I’m going to have to revisit the possibilities. While some have compared him to Ted Ginn, he’s not the long-strider that Ginn was, meaning the slot might not be a bad idea. One other issue I have with the Ginn comparisons is that Graham told me he’s not “fast fast,” only “real fast” and “fast enough.” Graham still views himself as a Z, but would be open to the slot.

I wonder if we may be seeing Ohio State getting back into the Urban Meyer H-back game. The effectiveness of Xavier Johnson last year as a runner and receiver, as well as the unpredictability of exactly what he was going to do, seems like it might be a good fit for Sam Williams-Dixon and Bo Jackson. Both players looked completely comfortable as pass catchers. They are natural athletes.

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