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What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder — The Choose Your Own Adventure Edition

I know Ryan Day and his staff spent this week talking with all of their players. Coaches weren’t going to be going out on the road. They were going to be telling each of their players where they stand and what their prospects were. And yet none of this is expected to be new information for the players because Day has built a foundation of transparency and open dialogue. There isn’t a lot of mystery about where players stand.

I think the Buckeyes are thin at X — especially when it comes to a bigger X receiver, which is another reason Damarion Witten makes sense at that spot. Could he be a more physical Binjimen Victor? And how quickly?

I wonder what his development track looks like right now, or if they’ve got it drawn up like a Choose-Your-Own Adventure book when he gets to a particular page. “You’ve just wrapped up your redshirt freshman season and you’re 227 pounds. If you would like to stay at receiver, please turn to page 7. If you would like to move to tight end, please turn to page 86.”

I know that I was told if Georgia and Ohio State don’t meet up somewhere in the playoffs, then somebody underachieved. Think Kong vs. Godzilla, but that matchup never happens because stupid Rodan and his spread-option bunkery somehow got one over on somebody. Plus the refs screwed somebody.

I think that while we’re all waiting for transfer portal chaos around the college football world, we need to remember that we now have a silly season when it comes to agents and the pre-portal window. They float a bunch of information out there as leverage to use against the current schools. A lot of schools have been able to find the funds that they needed — or at least tell players they have the funds. It’s also important to remember that spring football is still ongoing for some programs — like Michigan.

I wonder if it’s too early to start counting chickens on Chip Kelly’s impact on this team, but it’s pretty interesting to think about Ohio State’s offense being a big beneficiary of the Green Bay Packers’ decision to fire defensive coordinator Joe Barry a couple of months ago. (Joe Barry gets fired → Jeff Hafley gets hired → Bill O’Brien leaves for Boston College → Chip Kelly leaves UCLA for Ohio State.)

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