Air Noland

Air Noland Beats Michigan At Elite 11 Regional

CARROLLTON, Ga. – It was a hot day at the Elite 11 regional event in suburban Atlanta and the action on the field was even hotter as Ohio State pledge Air Noland and Michigan pledge Jadyn Davis competed against each other and a roster full of talented quarterbacks from across the region.

When it was all said and done, there was only one automatic invite to the Elite 11 finals and that went to Noland, giving the Buckeyes a proxy victory over Michigan, at least in terms of quarterback battles a year-plus removed from taking a college snap.

“It was very cool, to get ahead and get some competition on against a future rival, if not a rival right now,” Noland said after the camp. “It was very good and exciting.”

Ultimately it was every man for themselves out there, working with some of the top quarterbacking coaches on the circuit and working to improve their own game, more than being better than the guy taking the rep before or after them.

“I think I was very consistent,” Noland said. “I think I did a very good job of being poised with all the drills that we went through. I think I was the best version of myself today.”

Temperatures were approaching the 90s in western Georgia and the humidity gave no player any sort of break. All the quarterbacks were asked to make a lot of throws, a lot of varied throws as they were being judged and coached up as some of the top players in the country.

Of course, Ohio State fans are looking forward to the day that Noland signs and then reports to Ohio State, one of the most competitive quarterback rooms in the nation.

It was not all that long ago when Noland gave the Buckeyes his commitment and it was a process that seemed to come together quickly.

“They just hit on all platforms,” Noland said of Ohio State.

With the Buckeyes recruiting Noland’s older teammate, Jelani Thurman, he had a chance to meet Ohio State head coach Ryan Day on several occasions and had a good feel what he was all about and that there was more to this than just the X’s and O’s.

“He even touched on mental health, which is something that is important to me,” Noland continued. “Then the resources around Ohio State, the people of course speak for themselves, the fanbase speaks for itself… but from a development standpoint, a people standpoint and just a school that you able to accomplish everything at, I feel like Ohio State was the best decision for me.”

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