Tyler Atkinson

Tyler Atkinson Still Feeling That Buckeye Love

LOGANVILLE, Ga. – Grayson defensive player Tyler Atkinson made a splash on the camp scene before he ever played a snap of high school football and the attention around him has not lessened.

The 6-foot-2, 190-pounder continues to be the focus for a lot of players, but everyone knows there is a long way to go in the recruitment of this class of 2026 star.

Nobody is quite sure how many offers Atkinson may have at this point but honestly, he is going to have his choice of schools when it comes time to make that decision and the Buckeyes were in early on recruiting this player who could end up at one of several different positions in a defensive scheme.

“Getting that offer at Ohio State was a blessing,” Atkinson said. “I was one of the very first (in my class) to get it, so it’s a blessing for them to believe in me. For them to believe in what I can do for their program.”

Ohio State is still not sure where Atkinson could play either, so he has had both linebacker and edge mentioned in his conversations with the Buckeyes. Coach Larry Johnson was present with Ryan Day and other staffers when the offer was extended, however.

The Buckeyes are trying to get Atkinson back on campus and that is something that could be in the cards over the summer. During the spring, the talented player visited schools including LSU, UGA, Florida State and Clemson.

What is going to make one school standout above all the rest?

“I am just looking at what they value in me,” Atkinson said. “The love that comes with it and what type of program it will be. How do they play their positions and everything that they do with their linebackers and how they play their edge rushers. And (is it) a family type (of place)?”

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