Myron Charles

Myron Charles Will Be One To Watch In 2025

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – Southern Swing has taken us up-and-down both coasts of Florida and everywhere in between but this was our first stop in Port Charlotte and there was a good reason with class of 2025 defensive lineman Myron Charles.

It was easy to spot the talented 6-foot-5, 270-pounder on the field in the Florida heat. Colleges have noticed too as Charles is starting to pick up offers including one from Ohio State.

It is very early in the process for Charles as he is starting to get comfortable with being a national target. But even as he is getting more comfortable with the notoriety, he is extremely humble with the process as his phone will start to blow up once coaches are able to contact him directly when class of 2025s become fair game on the recruiting calendar.

“Every offer is huge,” Charles said. “Of course, I am greatly appreciative.”

Charles admits that he doesn’t know a whole lot about the Ohio State program yet, something that he hopes to remedy in the coming months. Sure, the Buckeyes are on television, but there is so much more than that when it goes into the fact-finding mission that every recruit has to go through as they navigate the recruiting jungle. A task that can be intimidating at first.

“(I know) they have produced a lot of great players,” Charles added.

Summer will be a good chance to start looking at some programs with Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida State and Ohio State on a list of likely destinations.

What is going to make a school standout for Charles?

“I like down to earth coaches, coaches that are not going to tell you what you want to hear, coaches that are going to push you to get better,” Charles said. “Coaches that can help me grow, not just as a football player but as a man.”

There will be a long way to go in this one but Charles is a player that everyone should keep an eye on because you know that Larry Johnson is keeping an eye on this one. Find out more about Charles, what is important to him and if distance is going to play a factor with a player who lives in the middle of the “big three” in the state of Florida. Click on the exclusive video and get up to speed on the big targets here on our Southern Swing, only on

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