TreVeyon Henderson

What I Know, What I Think, What I Wonder — Pre-Camp Edition

I know that I have confidence that the defensive line is going to be really good this year, but there is a part of me wondering if Lucy is going to pull the football away again. The lack of NFL players on the defensive interior of late is concerning. They’ve had four defensive tackles drafted since 2017, compared to eight defensive ends. I like what they have now, but will they take the next step?

I think Kenyatta Jackson is going to look like a Big Ten pass rusher this year. I’ve mentioned it before, but it always means something to me when coaches bring up players’ names without being prompted, and Jackson is a name that keeps coming up. It started back in bowl prep and has continued each step of the way, from winter workouts to spring ball to summer conditioning.

I wonder if I’m being cautious enough about the hype around Kenyatta Jackson. But I can see him having a Mike Hall-like impact at times. Obviously different positions, but guys who didn’t really play as freshmen after enrolling in the summer, then getting a full offseason and a full spring, and finally having things click.

I know that the Ohio State coaches are more excited for TreVeyon Henderson’s return than many Buckeye fans. When Ryan Day talks about the playmakers on this offense, the first three he mentions are Marvin Harrison, Emeka Egbuka, and TreVeyon Henderson. When Tony Alford talks about him, there’s some “just wait” subtext to everything he says. They also know how eager Henderson is to get back to doing what he did as a freshman. He’s seen the criticisms on social media. This is also a contract year. The sooner a running back gets to the NFL, the better chance he has at a decent second – and possibly third – contract.

I think Aaron Scott’s commitment ceremony is exactly the kind of thing you want to see from your cornerback. It’s complete showboating, and it’s clear that his confidence is on a different level from some players. Cornerback is a humbling position, but you don’t ever need to act like it.

I wonder what Charles Woodson’s commitment ceremony would have looked like if he had social media back in the day.

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