Hungry Hungry Huddle: Can We Tackle The Linebacker?

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – It may be our second road trip of the season but it is our first Hungry Hungry Huddle of the year as we made our way to the Notre Dame campus on Friday morning.

That means where do we go to lunch? Every campus has its traditional institution, and at Notre Dame, The Linebacker Lounge is that place. It is older than Ohio State’s Bier Stube and when it comes to a campus staple, it is hard to beat.

But you know that we take our food seriously here at Buckeye Huddle and to get on the rare air of HHH, you have to be special.

Did this place that serves traditional bar food make the cut? What makes the place different than other places and most importantly, would we go back if given the opportunity (that may take Notre Dame joining a conference, so who knows if that will ever happen).

Find out in this special update.

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