Buckeyes Remain No. 2 In Latest CFP Poll,

Ohio State (11-0, 8-0) remained No. 2 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings, one spot behind top-ranked Georgia (11-0, 8-0).

Michigan (11-0, 8-0) remained No.3, while Washington (11-0, 8-0) moved to No. 4, jumping Florida State (11-0, 8-0), who was ranked 4th last week but lost starting quarterback Jordan Travis for the rest of the season due to a leg injury.

Following the rankings reveal, CFP chair Boo Corrigan answered questions via a teleconference. The highlights of that question-and-answer session can be found below the full list of the latest rankings.

  • How much does Ohio State and Michigan being strong both offensively and defensively factor into them being ranked ahead of Washington? They’re both really good teams offensively and defensively. The committee looks at Washington and the close wins over Stanford and Arizona State are still a factor.
  • What was the conversation regarding Florida State’s performance following the Jordan Travis injury? There was great concern for Travis’ health. Looking at it, they were done 13-0 and then scored 58-consecutive points. This move “had a lot to do with Washington.”
  • What do you see from both OSU and UM before they play? Two really good teams. Two teams that are good on both sides of the ball. Michigan got a blocked punt for a safety last week. Ohio State put up 430 yards against Minnesota. Both teams continue to get better. Michigan has been dominant. OSU has the win over Notre Dame and Penn State. “Like any college football fan, we’re excited to watch the game.”
  • Why push Liberty into the Top 25? “They keep winning games.” You can only play the people on your schedule.
  • What value does the committee place on winning the AAC as it concerns the New Years Six bid? Conference championships do matter. Head to head matters. Where games are played matters.
  • Georgia writer asks if the Bulldogs are more decisive now at No. 1 than before since they had a good road win at Tennessee last week. Tennessee scored on their first play, then UGA went and scored on 6 of their first 8 possessions, and “it was incredibly impressive.”
  • What stands out about Louisville? And how much would an ACC Championship propel them. “That would be a big factor.” The win over Notre Dame, the win at Miami last week was impressive. They find ways to win. They’re running the ball at a high level right now.
  • What is the mindset of this committee right now? What is the debate about Michigan’s lack of great wins vs. Washington’s great wins? How do you factor everything? It’s all of those factors. It’s 13 peoples’ opinions on where they are. They have analysis, they’re watching games, they have information. “You can completely dominate a game and win by 14 points.” There are other games that are up for grabs in the fourth quarter but end up lopsided at the end. They don’t rely on one single metric. Also, each week they have more and more information, and they apply that to the rankings each week.
  • Why Tennessee at No. 21 right now? “They’ve been a really good team early in the year.” Losses to Alabama, Missouri, and Georgia. They have played a tough schedule. They can rush the ball. They have good guys up front defensively. “They continue to impress the committee.” Again, there are 13 people on the committee.

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