Blake Corum

Tale Of The Tape: Michigan Wolverines

I had a fantastic intro written for this edition of Tale of the Tape but Michigan stole it.

Ohio StateStatRankMichiganStatRankRushing Defense108.5 YPG19thRushing Offense171.0 YPG49thPass Eff. Defense92.731stPassing Offense228.6 YPG63rdScoring Defense9.3 PPG2ndScoring Offense38.3 PPG11th OHIO STATE DEFENSIVE BACKS VS. MICHIGAN QB/WR/TE

I have said it all week and I will continue to say it, this is not the same defense that Ohio State brought to the table the past two seasons. Sure, there are a few of the same names, but anyone who thinks that this defense remotely resembles the 2021 version or is playing the same way as the 2022 edition, I’ve…

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