Is Michigan On Upset Alert Against Maryland?

For the first time this season, the Michigan Wolverines are set to face an opponent with at least an outside chance at beating them. Can the Terps’ explosive offense pull off a big upset? Tony Gerdeman of joins host Tom Orr to break down that matchup and some of the other interesting games on...

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Jul 28, 2022
While Maryland is usually worldbeaters in September (looking at you texas)

It will be the Mike Locksley special Maryland will score on their first drive and look like contenders then fall apart in a flurry of dumb turnovers, penalties, etc. Michigan will score at least 3-4 touchdowns in a row with no response by Maryland and the world will say "Michigan beat a legit team!!" As if Mike Locksley could be the head coach of one...

I hope I am wrong and Maryland pulls the upset but I've watched too Mike Locksley coached games...
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