Will This Michigan Game Define Ryan Day’s Ohio State Program?

Following a 42-27 loss in Ann Arbor in 2021, Ohio State players, coaches, and fans have been waiting a full year for another crack at Michigan. With The Game just now one day away, just how much is on the line for the Buckeyes on Saturday in the Horseshoe? On this episode, you’ll hear directly...

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Nov 27, 2022
Great question, and after yesterdays loss it might very well define his program at OSU. It was a very pathetic game in every sense yesterday. We ran the ball well in the first quarter, and into the second. Mid way through we went more passing, and left the running game. We had a fourth, and two I believe and threw the ball for it instead of running when we were getting over 5 yards per carry. Also why Hayden barely touched the ball is beyond me. This man had over 140 yards in the second half of the Maryland game, and pretty much carried the team on his back. Yet didn't start, and barely touched the the ball, why? Two 100 yard games back to back, and pretty much sat the bench. That is on Day, and yes Chip did good yesterday, but if you had stayed with the hot hand that got you there as well, the running game might have taken off. Teams have become very familiar with his offense, and game plan accordingly. They know that he is more pass oriented over the run. You can preach about running the football all you want, but until you COMMITT to it, it's nothing but hot air. As for his defense I know this was Knowles first year, and made some strides to fix it. So I give him another year to keep working on it, and if at that point there is no improvement then he might have to go. Not sure you can keep Day at this point, and time either as Harbaugh is in his head right now, and that will be harder to fix. Also he is very stubborn on admitting his offense is a major part of the problem right now, and he doesn't seem to be seeing the issue. If he did yesterday might have had a different out come. Play calling is huge, and schemes as well.
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