Final Exam: Who Is The GOAT of GOATs?

It is a tradition that goes all the way back to the start of our annual Southern Swing.

While we go to great lengths to bring you all the latest information on the top players on Ohio State’s recruiting board form the Southeast and beyond, we also use this time to not only get to know the players better, but also to introduce them as the people they are, much more so than the football players that they are.

That has given birth to our Five Questions series and since we are at a new location this year, we decided to re-brand and call it our ‘Final Exam’ from the Southern Swing.

As we kick off our final exams, we start with a sports question, but one that our star athletes struggled with a little bit.

There are so many GOATs (Greatest of all Time) in sports and there are great debates about who the GOAT is in each sport, based on age and geography.

But what about the GOAT of all GOATs?

That is even more difficult as we are not looking at just football or baseball or basketball.

Who did our interviewees pick out? Check it out here and keep it locked in to make the grade with our Final Exams.

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