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Projecting The Ohio State Two-Deep Through One Week Of Spring Practice

Welcome to version 4.1 of my attempt at an Ohio State two-deep.

The first edition was posted on the Buckeye Huddle message board on January 9, and if you remember how crazy January was, you can understand why there have been a handful of changes from then ’til now.

For instance, the first iteration of the projection did not yet have Caleb Downs in the fold.

One of the positional projections that has not changed, however, was putting Sonny Styles at linebacker. That move was confirmed this week when Styles opened up spring camp at his new position of linebacker.

We have discussed that potential move and what it would mean over the past month, and that’s not going to stop now. That story is just getting started.

Putting this two-deep together still requires some guess work because certain positions — like receiver — move around and there may be no set solution just yet. Other positions — like defensive tackle — have some youth that could make a push this spring.

Still, after seeing portions of two practices this spring, it was time to go ahead and attempt the latest edition of what will not be the final edition of the Ohio State two-deep.

You can find the full two-deep with comments and insights right here on our Buckeye Huddle message board.

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