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Skull Session: Latest on QB, EDGE, and O-Line Recruiting

Spring visits will be at the forefront once Ohio State returns from its spring break next week. After a few months of relative inactivity in quarterback recruiting, that will all change as the Buckeyes will see priority targets Jared Curtis and Will Griffin roll through campus between now and the beginning of April.

Why is the timing of these visits so important and where do things stand with those two prospects? We’ve got the latest on both.

Ohio State’s EDGE recruiting the past few years has had fans on edge to say the least. Could this year be different, both in terms of hit rate and in locking guys up earlier? We dive into that as well.

And finally, the Buckeyes have made the cut for a couple of big-time offensive line prospects from the Southeast recently. Is it fool’s gold?

Check out the latest edition of the Skull Session recruiting column.

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