Brayden Jacobs

Brayden Jacobs Has An Eye On Ohio State

NORCROSS, Ga. – There are programs that always seem to have players and Buford high school is one of those types of places.

The Buckeyes have found success there in the past in landing Harry Miller and now have their eye on several players including offensive lineman Brayden Jacobs.

For those who want to feel old, Brayden is the son of former Auburn football player Brandon Jacobs.

The 6-foot-7, 310-pounder already has the look of a college player even if he is a member of the class of 2025 and has two years of high school football left to play.

Jacobs moves to Norcross from a small private school and his Saturday scrimmage was the first chance he had to go against an opposing team since transferring into the program.

Everything is new to Jacobs, including the interviews but we caught up with him after that scrimmage to talk about changes in his life.

The Buckeyes are one of close to two dozen schools to offer so far and being a member of the class of 2025 has some challenges in terms of coaches not being able to reach out directly yet.

“I don’t know that much about (Ohio State yet),” Jacobs told us. “I have not been able to talk to coach yet because I am not a junior.”

But look for things to start accelerating here soon as the Buckeyes are looking to get the talented lineman up on campus over the summer to meet Ryan Day, Justin Frye and other members of the program.

“I’ll probably try this summer,” Jacobs said of getting up to see Ohio State. “Just check it out and see what the coaches are like.”

Jacobs is aware of Ohio State’s success in putting players in the NFL Draft. Ohio State leads all programs with 90 first rounders over the course of the draft history. Paris Johnson was part of that count, and he plays the same position as Jacobs.

“I was really happy because Ohio State puts a lot of offensive linemen in the NFL,” Jacobs said.

Of course, when it comes to any sort of legacy, you have to wonder how much pressure there will be internally to follow in the family footsteps. Jacobs is feeling some of that but knows his dad will support whatever his decision is.

What is going to make a school standout?

“I have to like almost everything about it,” Jacobs said. “I don’t want to go and then find out that I don’t like it and be stuck.”

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